Forty Labor Rooms In Musafah

24,000 درهم / سنة

تاريخ النشر: 21 أيار مايو 2019

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تاريخ النشر

21 أيار مايو 2019

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Our reputed company with vast experience in UAE real estate market offers the best price whether it is residential or commercial properties. We tightly work with labor camp facilities and more than pleased to offer you Labor Rooms with 8-10 persons capacity in AED 2000/- only (may be rented on four payment basis in a year). This Camp is favorably located in Mussafah Area. 

1) Like Brand new Spacious Room 
2) Capacity 8-10 persons in a room 
3) Great finishing 
4) Clean communal bathrooms 
5) Water/electricity incl. 
6) Any maintenance is Landlord’s responsibility 
7) Split units A/C 
8) An excellent location of the Camp at Musafah
9) Affordable annual or monthly rent schedule (AED2000/AED1800/AED1600)

10) Available Rooms are Forty
 This is an excellent full-option for a company to allocate all labors and provide them very descent and comfortable stay at One Place. We can offer you other near-city camps options if interested, thus please call us and make a great bargain-deal for saving your business cost. 


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