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Unlimited Access to Wakeboarding Boats  -  20,000 درهم

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4 صور - اضغط للتكبير

التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 25 إبريل 2019

  • Age: 1 - 2 سنوات
  • مدى الإستخدام: تم الاستخدام مرات عديدة أسبوعيا منذ الشراء
  • الحالة: بدون مشاكل أو عيوب ملحوظة
  • الطول: من 20 إلى 24 قدم
  • نوع البائع: المالك
  • ضمان: نعم


The boating season just started
Join The Captain’s Club
UAE’s biggest boat club
Best offer in the year

60 Boats & Yachts.
Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Ramadan Offer

- Up to 40% discount on all memberships
- 13 months’ membership
- Complimentary Trips Access Dubai (T&C applies)
- Renew Now, Activate Later.

Why buy a boat?

Instead of buying a boat, The Captain's Club offers an alternative solution, where your membership grants you a daily unlimited access to a fleet of boats & mini-yachts from Abu Dhabi & Dubai, across 4 marinas.

How Does it work?
1) Join The Club with one of our memberships.
2) Get trained & licensed to be The Captain. 2 days only
3) Book the Boats, operate on your own with your family & friends in full privacy.
4) Simply, enjoy boating without a hassle

Contact us now to schedule a viewing, or for more information:

Mobile number: اعرض رقم الهاتف
Telephone Number: 800 82278
Website: www.thecaptainsclub.ae

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