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cctv installation and maintenance technician

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التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 3 ديسمبر 2018

  • المستوى التعليمي: بكالوريوس
  • خبرة العمل: 2 - 5 سنوات
  • الدوام: دوام كامل


Dear sir/Madam,
I have an ability to grow with a job, handle responsibilities and build positive relationships with work colleagues at all levels. My present employer is very satisfied with my work rate, and I am confident that I can bring the same level of high performance to your company. Beyond that which are already mentioned in my attached resume, I am someone who knows how to set goals and achieve them and have a proven track record of being able to conceive, develop and execute strategies.
I feel certain that my strong skills coupled with my potential ability will be of immediate value to your company. i am very much hope that you will look favourable upon my application by recognizing my enthusiasm, talents and experiences. I would dearly like to discuss further with you in person the scope of cctv installation and its maintenance, also, and would welcome the chance of meeting with you. Thank you so much for the time spent and accept my appreciations in-advance for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Osa Ekhomagbomwan

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