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The UAE's favorite online classifieds and community web portal. receives approximately 69 million page views and 5.7 million visits a month. These statistics are continuing to grow at an accelerated rate as loyal users keep coming back to dubizzle and as new users are driven to the site to meet their daily needs.

dubizzle, launched in August 2005, provides its users with an extensive and completely free classifieds section, property for sale and property for rent sections, jobs pages, discussion forums and an array of other fun and useful pages.

With its high traffic and targetable demographic, is the ideal platform for advertisers to ignite consumer interest in their product or service. To get your hands on one of our media kits or for more information please contact us at Online Media Information:


Why Online Advertising?

  • Increase your ROI with an effective and affordable online campaign.
  • Broaden the reach of your marketing budget.
  • Get instant results, customers are only ever a click away from your site.
  • The success of your campaign is measurable, with up to the minute statistics on impressions and clicks.
  • Raise brand awareness with an eye catching creative.
  • Communicate your message to potential customers throughout the working day.
  • Target the demographic that is most likely to be interested in your good or service.
  • Save money and increase effectiveness by including an online component with traditional media advertising.

dubizzle Demographics

Who are you advertising to? With advertisers have the opportunity to reach a young, western, trendsetting group of individuals who have money to spend on living the UAE lifestyle. The site has a strong expatriate following with 75% of visits coming from the UAE, of this 40% are western while 20% are from the MENA Region. Two thirds of users are male and over 80% are between the ages of 21 and 40. The site is used to sell absolutely everything from furniture to expensive cars, to buy anything from household appliances to some of the UAE's top real estate and to find anything from flat mates and nanny's to the perfect venue for a night out on the town.

Why does advertising on work?

As dubizzle users are already looking to spend $$, (or DHS as the case may be) they come to the site with the intention of finding and purchasing a specific good or service. The layout of the site allows advertisers to exclusively target people who are already interested in their good or service by purchasing targeted advertising. For more information on the groups that can be targeted via dubizzle contact us at a web site with High Traffic and High Growth

In June 2010 received approximately 69 million page views and over 5.7 million visits. Since going live in August 2005 page views and visits have grown at a rapid rate as more people are driven to the site in order to meet their daily online needs. Advertising Products has advertising products to fit any budget or to corner any target market. With extensive experience in the UAE's online advertising industry, the dubizzle team has the tools and the know-how to deliver strategic support and advice to our clients. The following is a comprehensive list of advertising products: Advertising Products
Key Facts
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Strategically positioned below the site navigation buttons the leaderboard will be viewed by every user as they make their way around the site.
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Within content advertising is taking over as the most effective way to reach potential customers online. This rectangle positioned on the home page is more likely to catch the attention of users.
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For campaign advice, to discuss a tailored package or to learn more about how dubizzle can help you to achieve your marketing goals, please contact us at

dubizzle E-Marketing

There are currently 500,000+ registered users. These are users who have created an account that allows them to sell goods and services via the portal. Many of these users have requested to receive third party emails. A database of 200,000+ email addresses are available for email blasts which can be filtered by age, gender, nationality and professional level.

dubizzle Property for Sale Listing Packages

In the UAE's highly competitive property market, achieving maximum exposure in the most cost effective environment is central to success. Through press, advertising, community awareness and investment in SEO, dubizzle has become a market leader in the UAE's online environment. dubizzle is always working on ways to better serve its users and increase the value of its products. With consistently high growth rates and round the clock development, dubizzle property listings are only going to get better and more valuable in the future. To learn more about dubizzle property for sale listings contact us at

Feature your property at the top of search results

Maximize your leads for your hot property by featuring it at the top of the search results. Space is limited and will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis for current Property Listing Packages customers. Contact to book your slot.

Forms of payment

We accept payment in AED only. Cheque payments are available for corporate clients. Online payment is available for some products and will be charged in AED.